SIAF Festival Goals

  • Sheds light on the importance of different types, methods, and orients of the advertisements
  • Presents and supports the adverting work as influential industry in the progression of the global economy
  • Opens up new profiting markets and exchanging between the KSA and the nearby countries as to enhance the economic developments and works to support the Saudi market, advertisers, and local firms of advertisement
  • Boosts production advertising and the promotion of advertising media through the exchange of ideas and experiences; and works to collect a large number of those who are interested in the field of advertising in a single event.
  • Exhibits the latest means of advertisements on different levels
  • Encourages serious works to elevate their qualities and the competition on the Arabian and international levels
  • Projects ideas and successful experiences, presents advanced advertising works, and enforces advertisement on different ways and methods.
  • Learns about the latest technical equipment and modern technology and to identifies the ideas, methods and techniques of advertising

Target audiences to participate in the festival

  • The ministry of Information and Culture
  • The audio-visual media and the radio and TV corporation
  • Leading journalistic institutions in Saudi Arabia and the Arab Gulf states and the Middle East.
  • Satellite channels in Saudi Arabia and the Arab Gulf states and the Middle East..
  • Local and global agencies specializing in advertising and marketing advertisements networks.
  • Advertisement consulting agencies
  • Marketing agencies, advertising companies, and public relations
  • Supreme Commission for Tourism.
  • High authority for investment
  • Advertising companies and printing presses

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