Advertisement industry

The advertisement industry in Saudi Arabia considers to be one of the promising industries that needs to be developed and noticed going in line with its importance and stature in the Saudi Arabia, the Middle East, and around the world; especially because of the investments that estimated about SR 7 billion a year and are expected to upraise triple in the next five years.  
The advertisement field in the KSA is well known for its continuation and progression one year to another which confirms its auspicious to be one of the essential pillars of the national economy which gives the greatest international advertising companies the opportunity to be part of the Saudi advertisement industry.   
Such festivals and specialized conferences are highly acquired for more connection, interaction, and constructive exchange with the pioneers of the field. It is because the basic factors of the industry are still in need to open up to the latest technological methods and techniques so to lay strong foundations as a means of developing and promoting the field to posit it in a remarkable place among the countries of the world.

The Festival

The Saudi international advertising festival "SIAF" is a center of exchanging international and local thoughts to stress the importance of adverts as economic engine and the social influence. The festival is sponsored by the Ministry of Information and Culture and headed by Dr. Abd El-Aziz Ben Mohe-Eldeen Khoga the Minister of Information and Culture.   The festival concludes a series of activities; Cultural, artistic and intellectual dialogues and seminars that hold themes and contents related to the advertising market. It also contains markets and exhibitions_ not for audience _projecting latest products, instruments and the means of advertisements of different types and techniques as well as marketing creative thoughts. It includes as well workshops leaded by specialized professors and well known trainers who will project new visions for the Arab advertisement industry including the ethics needed for producing Ads and how the Ad is associated to the overall success of goals from different sectors.

Target audiences to participate in the festival

  • The ministry of Information and Culture
  • The audio-visual media and the radio and TV corporation
  • Leading journalistic institutions in Saudi Arabia and the Arab Gulf states and the Middle East.
  • Satellite channels in Saudi Arabia and the Arab Gulf states and the Middle East..
  • Local and global agencies specializing in advertising and marketing advertisements networks.
  • Advertisement consulting agencies
  • Marketing agencies, advertising companies, and public relations
  • Supreme Commission for Tourism.
  • High authority for investment
  • Advertising companies and printing presses

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