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About SIAF Festival 2013

The Saudi international advertising festival "SIAF" is a center of exchanging international and local thoughts to stress the importance of adverts as economic engine and the social influence. The festival is sponsored by the Ministry of Information and Culture and headed by Dr. Abd El-Aziz Ben Mohe-Eldeen Khoga the Minister of Information and Culture.  

The festival concludes a series of activities; Cultural, artistic and intellectual dialogues and seminars that hold themes and contents related to the advertising market. It also contains markets and exhibitions not for audience projecting latest products, instruments and the means of advertisements of different types and techniques as well as marketing creative thoughts.  

It includes as well workshops leaded by specialized professors and well known trainers who will project new visions for the Arab advertisement industry including the ethics needed for producing Ads and how the Ad is associated to the overall success of goals from different sectors.

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